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A Perfect World (A Father's Quest to Unriddle the Mysteries of Autism) by David Cohen


David Cohen's remarkable book is both a journey and a story of home. After his three year-old son Eliot is diagnosed with autism, he travels the world to meet leading autism researchers, educators and clinicians. But the heart of the book is his moving meditation on family and what really makes a good life.

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Stories matter. They help us all to know that others have walked the same path, and we should all have the right to say who we are. People on the autistic spectrum and their parents, siblings or teachers are warmly invited to for publication here. Read More.

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Inside Autism

Inside Autism


By Alan George


This first appeared in Hupa: the annual magazine of the Wellington
Soup Kitchen, 2013, p 9


The scarab beetle pushes its dung ball along using the
horizon of the ball to orient itself and navigate by the sun. Some autists are
hoarders and in a sense create their own horizon from what is collected either
in their [...]

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In memory of an autism policy entrepreneur and friend – Joanna Curzon

In September 2013 New Zealand lost someone who was possibly our most significant autism networker and advocate for autism educational inclusion. Joanna Curzon‘s official job was as team leader of research for Group Special Education in the head office of the Ministry of Education but she was one of those rare people who was a [...]

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Humans is back!

Humans is back! Thank you Russell Brown for retreiving it from the murky world of cyber space and giving it new life.  We hope to add Twitter and Facebook links soon. 
Thanks to various NZ bloggers including and for filling the void while humans was in reccess. Lively discussions have also taken place in various Facebook groups such as Asperger’s Syndrome New [...]

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‘Moving beyond love and luck: building right relationships and respecting lived experience in New Zealand autism policy’

For the last few years I have been researching autism policy in New Zealand, and completed my PhD thesis at the end of 2011. I was lucky to receive funding from the New Zealand Health Research Council for three years through their Disability Research Placement Programme.  Unfortunately, the HRC ceased this fund last year so [...]

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Thank you Bill Sutton, Thorndon Primary School principal

Bill Sutton, the principal at Thorndon Primary school, retired last month after 45 years in education and over two decades at Thorndon School. New Zealand has about 2500 schools and principals are appointed and leave every week, so why is this retirement worth commenting on?
It’s because he’s just the principal you want your local school [...]

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National Standards and Autism – an update

Just before Christmas 2008, the act establishing National Standards testing in education (as well as bigger fines for truancy) was rushed through all its stages in parliament by the newly elected National Government, without any scutiny from the select committee process. 
Soon after that I was in the local supermarket when I saw the Member of [...]

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Five Things We’d Like People to Know About Adults on the Spectrum

Reprinted from 7 August 2011 with permission from the author Penni Winter.
Paula Jessop, a Kiwi aspie and friend of mine, was preparing a presentation on ‘Adults with ASD’ recently, and asked us aspies on Facebook, what were ‘The Top Five Things We Want People to Know About Adults on the Spectrum’. The resulting discussion [...]

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‘Politician, does it worry you that your policies hurt real people?’

On the coldest day of year in Wellington, 25 July,  a New Zealand rightwing think tank, the Maxim Institute, hosted a seminar at Victoria University for the Rt Hon Iain Duncan Smith, the British government’s Secretary for Work and Pensions and architect of its welfare ‘reforms’.
Why is he visiting and why should New Zealanders to [...]

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How Arie Smith-Voorkamp is helping us become a more inclusive and connected society

About two weeks after the destructive Christchurch earthquake of 22 February 2011, a newspaper report showed the badly bruised face of a young man they called ‘the face of looting’ who had been caught stealing light fittings from a damaged property and had been remanded in jail. The Minister of Police herself responded with comments [...]

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Kate’s Story

This is an updated version of  an article in the Parent to Parent National Newsletter Autumn 2011.  Thank you to Kate for sharing her story and Parent to Parent for permission to reprint. Kate is from Southland and is involved with Parent to Parent and Autism New Zealand.
2009 started off beautifully for my family. I gave birth [...]

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